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Fronter owner in MD

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Hi all. I have a 2002 Nissan Frontier, 5-speed manual, sitting in my garage. The engine is blown and I'm in the process of replacing it. I already have the old engine out and looking for a replacement engine. While I have everything down, this would be a good opportunity to replace quite a few parts; clutch, fluids, etc. So hopefully this forum will help me. Prior to the engine blowing, I had a problem with the auto locking hubs making rattling noise when in 4x4 mode after I serviced them. Looking to re-fix that also. As you can see, I'm pretty fidgety with my cars.
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welcome from another Marylander.
Where are you in MD?
Welcome to Club Frontier

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Welcome to Club Frontier. How many miles did the engine last? What went wrong, can't it be rebuilt?

The engine lasted 107K miles. It started by leaking antifreeze into the oil and ended up blowing up completely. No chance of rebuild. My opinion has always been a used engine instead of rebuilding. It is a lot more cost-effective also.
To my fellow Marylander, I'm in the Baltimore area.
welcome abaord! i am over here in western maryland. while the engine is out i would replace everything that needs to be replaced, like timing belt and what ot.
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