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I noticed the last time I swapped wheels (winter/summer), that one of my studs ran very "rough". Went to perform the swap last night and the lug nut spun on the stud. Totally stripped.

First question. What size is the stud? M12x1.25. How long?? Are there different diameter splines. Do I need to remove the existing stud first and bring it in?

I searched but have not found a definitive how to. So I assume it is an easy job. My only question is if there is enough clearance behind the stud to remove and install. Is there any tricks I need to know. On one of my older nissan you had to rotate the hub and line up the broken stud with a clearance hole in the knuckle. The hole was hard to see and if you didn't know about it you where stuck.

I plan to do the job in the following manner.

-Jack up truck, remove wheel
-Remove caliper, remove rotor.
-knock out bad stud with hammer.
-insert new stud from the rear
-pull into place with a stack of washers and the lug nut.
-put truck back together.

Simple as that??

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IIRC M12x1.25, 14.35mm knurl, 42mm long... IIRC.

As for your steps, that's exactly the same way I do it, but I use a little anti-seize on the install part.

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Why bother. Just purchase new bearing hub assembly and replace it. It is way easier than stud replacement.
I'd venture to guess cost... New hub assemblies are about $150-200 for Timkin units a new stud will cost maybe $10.

The procedure looks good, that's how we've done it on friends prerunner trucks in the desert when they shear.
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