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Front Sway Bar Disconnect 1st gens

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Does anyone run trails with the front sway bar disconnected ?

I know the obvious benefits of disconnecting. Just wondering if anyone discos. Can't find any type of aftermarket quick disconnectors for first gens either.
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Anyone Disco ? (not saturday night fever style)
Thx. I probably run 250 miles a week daily commute. A little agressive driving at times. I currently have 3" SL and 31's. A 3" body lift is in my future along with a set of 33's. Sway bar is probably something I should leave on when i'm at 6" total lift.

I get off the blacktop about 6 times a year and some of my trips require a 4 to 5 hour drive to get there. Maybe I'll take em' off for a week and see how I like (or dislike) the handling. Worse case scenario is I remove it for wheeling and back on for the daily grind.

Theoretically with a 3" suspension lift, could I fab up my own set of end links that were 3 inches longer than stock to bring the sway bar back to the angle it was at before the lift? If so, I can fab up my own set of QD's.
If you have the means of fabricating your own longer links just go ahead and make longer links with disconnects. The longer links will only be necessary in the rear as the front sway bar is connected to the frame. On the front, I would use longer bolts and a metal sleeve as a spacer to help correct the sway bar angle at ride height.
I fab all sorts of stuff that I don't want to pay for or can't find (mig welder). When I take the links off for a trial run, I will get a good look at the design and decide wether or not I can safely make a longer set to QD.
I'm guessing you have a rear sway bar ? My 2004 XE 4X4 dosen't. Just leaf packs.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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