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Front Sway Bar Disconnect 1st gens

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Does anyone run trails with the front sway bar disconnected ?

I know the obvious benefits of disconnecting. Just wondering if anyone discos. Can't find any type of aftermarket quick disconnectors for first gens either.
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I disco, and I removed my swaybar ages ago when I got tired of replacing the bushings. Crapmini makes a disco kit for us: Sway Bar Discos

^ OOps, thats for the rear bars. Removing the sway bar entirely before a wheeling trip and then re-installing is not that bad.
If you have the means of fabricating your own longer links just go ahead and make longer links with disconnects. The longer links will only be necessary in the rear as the front sway bar is connected to the frame. On the front, I would use longer bolts and a metal sleeve as a spacer to help correct the sway bar angle at ride height.
I had a rear swaybar. I has since been cut off but I intend on fabbing in a new one.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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