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Front Sway Bar Bushings - Split up or down?

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I am replacing the shocks on my '06 with Bilstein 4600s all around. Anyway, there were noises in the front end, so I also ordered urethane sway bar bushings.

The factory rubber bushing have the split in the center back against the frame. The urethane replacements have the split offset from the center back and could be installed "split up" where the split is on top. Or "split down" where the split is on the bottom.

Can anyone provide any wisdom or experience as to which is the recommended direction for a frontier?


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I wouldn't think it'd make any difference, would it? If the straps & bushings are formed together like these are, and there's equal pressure up and down depending on which way you turn?

This is the kind of overthinking stuff I get my balls busted for.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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