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Hey guys-

I know I said I'd keep y'all posted on what I am changing on my truck. Here's a few pics of the install from last weekend. The mids and crossover are Phoenix Gold Elite Ti's (made by Morel) and I bought a set of tweets from Morel. I know they look huuuge, but I'm going to fab up a Carbon fiber plate to cover up the holes. I went with a pod setup to seal the mids also. Found a 6x9 adapter and with a little modifying it worked pretty sweet. The sealed setup bumps the midbass up to nice levels for 6.5's. The amp is an Arc Audio xxk4150. I bridged it to run 320w X 2 to the fronts. The HU is my good ol Alpine 9815. It's about 3 years old, but still does all I want it to as far as sound. The ipod interface is a little weird, but works ok. Next project is the 'glass/ Carbon fiber box for a 10" Brahma between the jumpseats. Sounds AWESOME so far. Best I've ever had in any of my vehicles anyway... I decided that there would be no baby games this time around. Do it right the first time and just enjoy. I've been down the "good enough for now" road before and it isn't fun after the first few hours go by...


Nate in PHX


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