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Front locker question

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A while back I asked if there was a FRONT LOCKER available for my 2005 Nissan Frontier 4x4 V-6 LE, and I pretty much got an overwhelming response of basically "hell no", and "it's not possible", "everything would instantly snap", etc.. Recently, I inherited a Jeep XJ Cherokee, and I have been searching for lockers for it and I stumbled across some stuff that made me again wonder about a front locker for my '05 Fronty. Most of the replys for the front locker seemed to act as if the Frontier front differential will immediately grenade with any type of locker or limited slip installed due to the fact that it has an independant front suspension (IFS), and that may be true, but....

I recently saw a VW Vanagon Syncro (all wheel drive mini VW Bus) with front and rear lockers on the factory synchro independant suspension (the syncro is independant with half shafts front and rear due to the rear VW engine configuration!). The husband and wife team have been traveling the world on some pretty rough trails putting over 100k miles on the locked independant axle setup (they even do some pretty nasty rock crawling on some smaller rocks)! Thier synchro had a small 2 or 3 inch lift, and some slightly oversized offroad tires.
or this...

ARB has Air Lockers for Toyota IFS!
or this...

Aussie makes several IFS lockers for different vehicles!
Or this...

How about something like a Quaiffe limited slip differential for our fronts? It works wonders for very high powered IFS front wheel drive race cars.

I realize that the IFS with some type of locker might not be strong enough to support massive tires, or as strong as a built solid axle, but with some tires that are close to stock size, I don't think it would grenade except under the most extreme conditions.

What do you guys think? Am I crazy here? Maybe there is something in our fronts that I don't understand. I am obviously not claiming to be a IFS or locker expert. I was just wondering out loud. Thanks. -Todd
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I don't think they make gears (or much of anything for that matter)for VW Synchro Vanagon Westfalias either but the husband and wife team that I mentioned above seems to wheel pretty well with lockers and slightly larger than stock tires. Gears would be nice, but with a conservatively sized tire they would not be necessary. If we had front and rear lockers for our trucks, and some agressive tires that were close to stock size, these trucks would really be able to wheel without spending a ton of money on axle swaps, big lifts, strengthening every drive train part, etc. I am trying to wheel on a budget, not build a monster truck.

I'm just sayin'...... and wishing out loud I guess.

1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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