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Front Diff.

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So about two weeks ago i had the front diff on my frontier pile up, i had my truck towed to nissan and had a discussion with them and wasnt a great one but they said they would look at my truck when they got the chance and call me when they had info. So i called them back the next day for them to tell me that the front diff piled up, it was covered by warrenty and the part was order from calgary and would be a couple days, and again they would call me. So far my diff piled up on the night of Jan 4, dropped the truck off on the 5th and supposed to call me on the 8th. So i called them on the 9th sat casue they didnt call... i didnt get the service advisore i had been dealing with but the other one told me that my truck was done... when i had asked what had actaully happened he informed me they were not allowed to open the diff to to tell me what happen... so my question is dose anyone know what mighta happen and why there not allowed to open it?
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most likely one or more of the pinion gears sheared off some teeth. they may have to send the diff somewhere for some higher up people in nissan or a development team to look at it and they would want it exactly as it came off the truck so they can study it and help them (hopefully) work on an improved front diff for frontiers of the future. i had a buddy lock up his 06 350z engine due to oil consumption (locked up 1200 miles after nissan did its first oil change with less than a quart of oil left in it and no leaks) and they didn't even tear down the motor, just took off the accessories to put onto the new motor and sent it, as a whole with the oil that was left in a jar, off somewhere. we watched them load it up.

piled up?
i'm guessing that canadian for locked up or something, thats what i took it as. also a term i'm not familiar with
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from what i understand, nissan doesn't do diff work. as in, if you report a diff problem, they probably look in the filler hole, check fluid levels, and jack it up and spin the tires by hand in 2wd and 4wd to diagnose. i don't think each dealer has a tech that pulls out 3rds and removes diff covers to do ring and pinion/spider gear/locker replacements. i think they get all that stuff from the factory, as it would be too time consuming for the dealer service techs to do.
ya they mentioned that they have to send it somewhere i think but ya its kinda weird. and piled up i mean something let go and locked it up
doesn't sound out of the norm, sounds like they are at least doing a thorough investigation for you. i wouldn't raise a stink unless you are without a truck for an extended amount of time.
Well thats the weird thing is i wasnt doing anything. i went to make a corner and the front tires made one hell of a huge clunk and locked right up. but the weird thing is im nice to my 4x4 system like not running it over 90kmh and not engaging it while the tires are spinning and stuff like that.
were you on pavement or dirt? what were the road conditions- icy, snow, dry, wet?
what I have seen happen is some one will get stuck spin tires get traction and that will cause a tooth to chip off. Then a couple weeks later that tooth will get knocked around and get up in the gears and lock it up.
snow covered road, with lil ice thats it.
I assume this is out of the norm? I mean you should be able to use four wheel drive as normal operation and not have any issues?

From my understanding its when owners are pusing their truck fairly hard when the break.
ya thats kinda what i thought to until it happen to my stock truck and on a flat graded back road.
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