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Front coil over mount

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Does anybody know where I can buy a pair of front upper coilover mounts like the ones that come from sway-a-way coilovers. I need just the mounts I am gonna use A Fox coilover in the front but I can't find the mounts anywhere and sway-a-way doesn't sell them seperately
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I have them right now mounted to my radflos that are just sitting taking up space I'll try and see if i can get the mounts off. And your localish I can meet ya some where to save on shipping
which radflos are they?
your PM mail box is full and can not accept any more messages but I wanted to know if you will sell just the upper mounts that bolt to the coil bucket?
yeah i will sorry i just saw it was full I will try and get them off tomorrow
what are you looking to get for them?
make me an offer. i can also have them re powder coated as well for ya just about any color
Well I don't need them powder coated so How is 50. plus shipping sound?
that works for me. you'll need to paint them as the old paint had flaked off
sounds good, do you take paypal I can send you the money tonight
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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