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Front camera modification?

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Just thinking out loud here...please bear with me. So today I had to hook my Frontier to my coach tow bars to test fit a stone guard I built. When by myself it is always a pain in the butt to get the truck close enough to hook up, but not inside the radius of the tow bar. It sometimes requires me to move the truck a few times. Thinking about the problem, I thought about those wired/wireless backup cameras that you see for sale everywhere. I'm wondering about installing one in the front grill of the Frontier, so I can see the tow bar without getting out. Now here is the question: Does anyone know of a way to connect a backup camera to the Nissan video screen system so I could just look at the video output on the truck and see the front camera? I would guess an A/B switch would be necessary and maybe some kind of harness adapter? Any help from you folks who play around on the video/audio side would be most appreciated!
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Actually, it is not nearly as complicated as you might think...

There are two wires of interest going into the factory radio/display.

The first would be the reverse wire that switches the camera display on. I don't know if it is pulled to ground or 12v to operate, but a quick check of the service manual will tell. I would use a toggle switch and a couple diodes to activate the display when needed. The diodes keep you from activating the backup lights or brake controller when you turn it on.

The second would be the reverse camera video input. This could be put on a switch to select between your backup camera and a camera on the front (or any other video input such as a dvd player or ipod)...

It really is a pretty easy install if you don't mind cutting a couple wires and doing a little soldering.

I am not near the service manual, but could throw a simple schematic up here if interested.
The Camera Video (Pin 35-Black) is the wire you want to switch between front and back camera video.

The Camera On (Pin 34 - Green/Yellow) provides power to the backup camera when needed...

I don't see the reverse wire anywhere on the connector. The color code on the Pro-4X has the reverse wire as Sky Blue. I am going to guess it is just not noted on the drawing or is on another connector.

Now that you have identified which system you have, I will throw together a quick schematic this evening and post it...
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