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Front camera modification?

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Just thinking out loud here...please bear with me. So today I had to hook my Frontier to my coach tow bars to test fit a stone guard I built. When by myself it is always a pain in the butt to get the truck close enough to hook up, but not inside the radius of the tow bar. It sometimes requires me to move the truck a few times. Thinking about the problem, I thought about those wired/wireless backup cameras that you see for sale everywhere. I'm wondering about installing one in the front grill of the Frontier, so I can see the tow bar without getting out. Now here is the question: Does anyone know of a way to connect a backup camera to the Nissan video screen system so I could just look at the video output on the truck and see the front camera? I would guess an A/B switch would be necessary and maybe some kind of harness adapter? Any help from you folks who play around on the video/audio side would be most appreciated!
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I know I'm late to the party, but yes, that will work for you . As Geek said you just have to rig up a switch to 1) send full time 12V to pin 50 2) switch to toggle between front & rear cam for pins 35&36.

you can reference GMC's work here

OR if you're unhappy with the stock radio just get a unit that will do 2 cam inputs... I've ordered up a new HU that will do a cam both front & rear #nomuss-nofuss...
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