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front bumpers question please help!

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ok so im planin on gettn the wid fenders for my truck and then taking off the front bumper and puttin on some sort of metal rally type style bumper with a sheet metal brush gaurd maybe....but the question is are all those custom made or are there ones out there pre-made for our trucks. if that makes ne since haha please leme no.
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its an 06 and i live in peoria, il. iv looked for shops here that cud weld me up somthin but i havnt found nething so far. n this is wut i ment, like this guys front bumper. (sorry if u dont want me usin ur pic ill take it off lol)
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that is custom and made by a shop that is no longer in business. The owner joined the army. Calmini make one. but I know my fab guy will make one cheaper but he is SoCal and needs your truck.
ok thanks. ya im not planin on makn ne trips to socal at the moment.thanks for the help though.
might be a fab shop near you that can make one. Start calling welders.
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