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Hello! I used to own several Datsun 240 and 280z's. Then I had a 1985 4x4 King Cab I never got running right, oil and antifreeze kept mixing, it had 8 spark plugs for a 4 cyl. Apparently that never caught on.

Anyway, I do not yet own a Frontier but have joined to ask questions about a prospective purchase, a 2004 4x4 . After I sold my 280z I got into Volkswagens... and now am awakening out of that nightmare and selling them. Only took 14 years...

I am going to go into more detail in another section... sorry if I'm violating a rule... but I'm here to ask how hard it is to replace an auto transmission on a 2004 4wd. I'm experienced, it's the kind of thing I know I could do, but if it's one of those things with a few unexpected hurdles, I might back away.

Thanks for any help!

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