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Free Frontier....

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Recently inherited a "free" Frontier...2007 with 150,000 owner..who "blew it up"...LOL...but hey!...It's still free..right?...Found this site looking for fitment years from hopefully 2005-2014...4.0L VQ40DE engine...Looking to swap it out with a lower mile unit...reasonably priced of course. So looking forward to making this thing purrr again...::smile:::nerd::nerd:
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I just looked on RockAuto and a long block for the 2005 Frontier as well as the 2016 Frontier is exactly the same item. I think the V6 hasn't changed between 2005-2016 but wait for others to chime in. They may have updated internal components (timing chain guides.......)but I think the engine overall is still the same.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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