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Free Frontier....

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Recently inherited a "free" Frontier...2007 with 150,000 owner..who "blew it up"...LOL...but hey!...It's still free..right?...Found this site looking for fitment years from hopefully 2005-2014...4.0L VQ40DE engine...Looking to swap it out with a lower mile unit...reasonably priced of course. So looking forward to making this thing purrr again...::smile:::nerd::nerd:
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Be careful on what you buy cause they've totaled a whole $hitload down in the southern states recently due to the weather we've all had ***Get something in writing especially in your buying in southern states. But if you can find one and since you can take it from TX check on Craigslist they're popping up all the time around 2k an this was before the weather depending on mileage how complete ect...
You can also check into copart if you can take the whole thing?

Pretty much with differences it was only updates to creature comfort acc. facelifts inc. headlight grill wheels and to streamline what sold what didn't things like that

Know they changed the radiator in 11 because of manufacturing problem it leaked @ a connection in radiator on the transmission cooler in some 4.0l autos whoopee they extended warranty
and the oil filter in 09 saying it didn't need a anti drain back valve
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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