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free cam bolts

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Thought I'd share this with you guys. Since my truck is at the dealership getting serviced I asked the mechanic why my truck didn't come with the cam bolts. He then told me since my truck (08 with about 20k miles) is still covered under the warranty he'll install the bolts for free. Both parts and labor covered, I do however have to pay for the alignment though.
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Sorry to hijack but i have a question about these cam bolts. I know they are used to help correct alingment, but if the ailignment isn't out is it worth having the dealer put them in. I've got am 09 cc that seems fine. Have the dealer checking on the other suspension recall now. They had to have the service manager do it as it's a U.S. VIN here in canada and he is the only one that can run the VIN. So I may be going in anyway.
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