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Frank Rhaines OHV Park, Patterson Ca

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Back in February I took the truck for my first "off-road" adventure. i posted it in the Nor-Cal section.. didn't think I should post it here but it seems more people view this section than the local ones..

Here is the folder with all the pics:
Frank Raines OHV 2/15/10 - Baoser's Photos

Here are some of my favorite pics:

Entry to the Park, next to my buddies Titan (4" lift)

Pretty steep, or at least i thought it was. Truck made it up just fine

There are a ton of MotoX trails here also, it was super empty when we went. Only had to stop once for MotoX crossing our path.

big brother, little brother haha

New tires look sweet on the truck, and worked great also.

Going Downhill was interesting.. I got some good practice in tho

Shallowest of all the "puddles"

265/75/16 all stock no rub, plenty of room

break time in some shade for lunch

This was the best trail of them all. Tight, a few turns, and for me was the most difficult. Only trail that I got stuck, and had to reverse a bit and get a 2nd try. It actually continues to the right, behind the bushes and further along.

Should have turned and ran when we saw this.. lol instead tied on the tow strap in case i got stuck

Shallow end of the "lake" lol

Me staring thinking " no way will i be able to pull him out when he gets stuck LOL"

More downhill practice. it doesn't look steep.. but trust me it was.. well I thought it was.. I was actually worried about the going back up. I didn't think i could make it. Aired down, rolling start and i crept right up. it was freakin awesome!

This pic doesn't show how steep it was.. I mean one second there was no truck, then the next bam over the hill haha.. then the higher one was higher up, and a bit longer haha

Random pic before we headed back home

So it was a great experience. First time using 4WD, climbing some small hills, it was great. A lot more exciting than I thought it would be.
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Thx guys, yea Titan is nice. Hes gonna be switching to PRG stuff soon, ditch the rancho lift and blocks..
Like I said.. First time out haha.. There a million places I want to take my truck, only work and my shitty mileage is holding me back. -_-
Thx Beef. I have to admit, every time I see pics of your trips it has me wanting to do crazy things to mine.. Maybe when I buy another vehicle, right now this is my primary so it has to stay moderately comfortable.
A bit crept in, when we got home we pulled up his front carpet and it was barely damp. He was also lazy and didnt do the vent mod, so we drained his diff fluid and refilled. Prolly do it when i do all my tune up and lift.

he was more of a looks guy before I got my truck, he has since sold his 22's and went back to 17's with terra grapplers.
I like them a lot. It is my first NEW set of A/T tires. My truck came with Dueler Revo's that were 5 years old and shitty. I got the E rated 265/75/16

Online there is little info on them, since they are a Wal-Mart only tire. I have been told that the E load tires are 10 ply, and also that they are 2 ply.. and they are not even listed on GY's website. I should call them.

They are a bit louder, but considering the tread i was expecting it to be a bit louder anyways. In those pics i was at 35 psi and didn't have to go any lower. In the rain they good as i have had no issues so far. Didn't get to enjoy them in the snow, roads were all clear when i went up to Kirkwood.
Nice pics man. Looks like it was a really nice day out there.
I'll definitely have to visit Frank Raines sometime this summer.
Let me know I will meet you out there haha..

Im actually thinking of planning a overnight trip to hollister at the end of this month also.. Ill probably sort out details and post it later this evening.

Great pics, thanks for sharing.

I think 1 thing that is tuff to do, is see in a picture how steep a hill is. I've climbed hills in my truck that the camera make look pathetic. I am always excited on the side of pretty much a cliff that I wouldn't want to walk up or down, and get home, see the pic's on my computer, and they are just not the same.

Try this 1 time. Take a pic of your truck on a steep hill, with a tree near it. One will see the tree growing straight up, and the angle of which your truck is going down. Might help ya to see how steep it was, but idk fo sho.

None the less, good for you man, getting out there and actually putting it in 4x4 and enjoying what you bought.
Hell yea! I spent (well for me) a lot of money on this truck, and it's a great feeling to put it to good use. I dont think I have looked forward to a summer season since I was back in grade school. I plan to hit trails, camp, etc at least twice a month.. assuming my vacation days can keep up with me haha
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