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I can't tell you how many threads we have on Oil, but you can't go wrong with what you already purchased.

I have been unofficially doing my own test of sorts, trying to use a different brand and price point of 5w-30 each oil change. I can tell you that I have not experienced a bit of real world difference in any of them except in my wallet. As long as the oil meets the engine specification and you change at recommended intervals, you can't go wrong.

Oils I have used - some more than once (dino/blend/synth). I have about 14 oil changes done.

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I am running the Formula Shell 5w30 in my truck. I can't give much feedback as I just bought the truck and this was my first oil change. It was nice and cheap at Costco, about $2 per quart!

My brother has been running this oil in his 2001 Taco TRD for a few years. He has no complaints.
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