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Former owner, considering coming back with a 2018 - have some questions

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Hi all,

I had a 1991 Nissan pickup in college and loved it. Rock solid reliable, base model with manual transmission. Only problem I ever had was paint oxidation, which was apparently a known issue in that era. Anyway, fast forward 20+ years and I'm looking to get another Frontier! I have some questions that I'm hoping y'all can answer. I'm considering a 2018 King Cab base model S with a manual transmission. I really like the fact that this is a no-frills truck and don't mind the manual windows and locks. I also like that Nissan upped the standard features for 2018 by including a backup camera, A/C, cruise & radio - all for under $20k list with destination!

So, I've used the configurator and reviewed all of the specs and have some questions:

1. Is the factory bedliner worth it? What are the advantages of ordering one with it vs. a spray-on local job?

2. Splashguards and floor mats - I'll probably get some Weathertech's for the mats, but how are the factory splashguards?

3. Fog lights - I see these are a dealer installed accessory, any experience with these? I like the look better with them, are the switches there for them in the base model?

4. Two things stand out in the specs when I'm looking at an S vs. an SV side-by-side: steering wheel, is the S really fixed, no tilt? Also, "illuminated switches", SV has them, S does not, what switches are they referring to?

5. The storage boxes in the back under the seats, can they be removed creating a more flat surface (like for a dog)?

Thanks in advance, look forward to the advice and hearing from other base model, manual transmission owners on how they like theirs!
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