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Former 05' Frontier owner

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Straight to the point. I'm only on here to try and sell a tonneau cover before I move. I had an 05' Frontier crew cab/short bed that I let go before a deployment. I bought an Extang Trifecta tonneau cover (PN 44985) that I kept and need to sell locally before moving. I will be in Indianapolis for a couple more weeks (recent divorce - applauds appreciated) and would like to not move this with me. It's in great shape (near perfect) and will sell locally for $100.00, you come and pick it up. I have all the install parts that came with it. If interested, PM me with email or phone #
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Ha! Thanks. Not trying to be a clown on my first I was just thinking what better place to rid of my treasure than the Frontier Cove....
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