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Any idea what in the hell the trip computer uses for a formulation of DTE? We supposedly have a 21.1 gallon fuel tank, my fuel light comes on @ about 4-5 gallons left. Even rounding down to say 20 gallons, the DTE is terrible. Even if I was consistently getting 16mpg (I don't, closer to a running avg of 18), my DTE should throw out at least 320 miles to empty. I can think of maybe 3 to 4 times I have ever seen the DTE over 320mi. Just had a long road trip this past week/weekend where I had to fillup twice. I avg. 20.2mpg for the entire trip and the friggin thing after both fillups still showed 317 and 323 DTE.

Not a big deal I realize, I think I just needed to rant. I would just love to know how in the hell their math works. We have the same issue with my wife's Quest, expect that one is close to about 100 miles off of reality when it comes to calculating distance.
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