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what did your diffs do before they went, clunks, popping, etc.. that got worse till it blew?

i think mine may be going out. every so often i hear a sharp click, and sometimes a loud pop coming from the rearend when going from p-r p-d r-d etc... it doesnt happen all the time "probly just when its in the right position", but its getting more common. last time i had it in for an oil change i had them check it all out. they said the driveline and u joints look good, and the "click" was most likely the normal play that the drive train has, and if it got worse to bring it back, and that they said they couldnt get it to make any loud clicks. since then it has become more often and louder when it does it. im taking it in tomorrow for yet another fuel sending unit lol so i will make sure to do it in front of the tech, so they cant say it doesnt happen. "funny story on the sensor, they replaced my first one at 30k and it worked fine, then when the new campaingn came out the replaced that one, now its got a mind of its own lol" anyway, back to my story... i had been thinking the ujoints were going out, but after reading around everyone mentioned their u joints squeeked when the went out, and mine dont, i also noticed reading around about everyone blowing up their diffs, i have a fealling this may be my situation. any imput will be much appreciated.
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