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For Sale: OEM Nissan CD player with dash plate

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I just replaced my stock CD player with an aftermarket player so I have one for sale. Don't have a clue what to ask for it. Let me know if you are looking for one.

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It's like brand new. Might be good for someone who's trading in their truck and wants to keep their high dollar aftermarket head unit.
My truck is a 2006 the old style. I could get that to work no problem but it would mess with the A/C controls.
Don't need it but i wanted to ask a favor. Can you take a pic of your new setup so I can see how it looks? I have been thinking of getting an aftermarket stereo also, but have been wondering on how the new set up looks. Thanks

Still have this CD player for sale.
Something to consider: you may want to keep it to convert back if/when you sell or trade you truck. Resale/dealers prefer to have the OEM equipment in a vehicle and you will have your upgraded HU for sale or use in another vehicle. I just traded in my
Colorado on a Frontier and put the OEM stuff back and sold the aftermarket HU to offset the price for a new HU for my new Frontier.
Good idea. I just might do that!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts