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It is time to let these badboys go. Nobody in the house uses them anymore and my other RC cars need more parts space anyway. :D
One DT has Raminator wheels/tires along with bearings, threaded wheel shafts and the springs are doubled up. I took the springs off of the blue one and just stuck them together to add a bit more stiffness to the ride.
The other red one is all stock.
The blue one has all the parts on except for the springs, shocks and bumpers (which are off, but in the lot one way or another).
Parts that are in the extras:
body clips
stock wheel shafts
DT wheels/tires
(1) 3 and (2) 5 crystals
(might be more, just look at the pics)

I am looking to get $150 shipped CONUS for the whole lot.
Only trades I am interested in are for E-Maxx parts (specifically need rear aluminum bulk, ti hinge pins, shock tower) or 1/10 electric on-road cars (rollers are an option).
If done via trade, I will not ship until I receive the item(s). As far as I am concerned it is payment and will be dealt with as such. I wouldn't ship before getting money so it only makes sense. I have a million and a half references all over the internet and am more than happy to accommodate with phone number to discuss the deal further.


edit: I found the 3rd transmitter, it is missing the battery cover.
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