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$9.99 OEM Blue antifreeze full strength per gal free shipping

I was on eBay again man that is just as bad as going grocery shopping when your hungry always looking for a deal. Anyway I had seen Pepboy's is offering OEM concentrate(makes 2gal) blue antifreeze for our Frontier with free shipping . I purchased Sun morning and there was 20+ sold now its over 100 mines already left Ny on its way to TX got an email which reminded me so figure I would post it BTW 2gal cost me $21 with tax I did purchase Nissan's blue and it ran me $18 with tax @Courtesy and that's for 1 gal of 50/50 since they do not sell full in the gal.

eBay listing (seller PepBoys)
OEM Concentrate, Extended Life, Radiator Antifreeze Coolant, Blue 86-174BOEM | eBay

OEM's link to specs
OEM Blue - The Easy Match Antifreeze / Coolant for Your Vehicle


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