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I am surprised that there isn't a thread about Fontana Nissan in the Good/Bad Dealership section.. but then again, it seems they have solidified their reputation on CF.

Wanted to share the experience I had at Fontana. I was a bit surprised that there were old Performance and West Covina guys there... those guys seem to get around like VD, hehe.

Danny tracked down my CC in silver; first choice Brick Red but none in all of Cali, WTF. Andrew drew up all the paperwork quick, picked up my truck and kept my wife and I company, Jason aka the 'Dealmaker' got it to me at the price I am happy with.

Overall I felt like I walked away with a great deal (incentives and cashback help alot) and enjoyed the time I was there.

Btw, the deal was capped off with 2 insulated Nissan coffee tumblers.. haha even had an invoice written up for it... best deal ever! :fantastic:

Can't wait for Big Bear and Mammoth!!

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looks good now mod it..
Done. Larger tires today after work. Will also check out other threads on mods. Forums suck when it comes to saving money.

let me know if you want some fronty company in Bear, ill cruise up. nice new truck man! welcome to the club
Will do. I usually go up there to fish, camp or mtn bike. What's your poison?

Btw, Andrew from Fontana Nissan called. Worried I had to return the car or some other issue....nope, just to check up and see if everything was ok and if I had any questions. He has a hardbody p/u so he was able to teach me a thing or two.

Thanks Fontana!
Speaking of, [email protected] called me 2 days ago a month after my purchase to ask me if everything was okay and if I had any issues. Luckily so far none. But it was nice to hear that they don't just forget you after you drive off the lot.

I recommend to see Andrew from Fontana Nissan. Good guy and a fellow hard body owner.

2k+ miles now and going. Plan on seeing Scott in the next few weeks for upgrades. I love my truck.
I believe the new(er) rims started showing up on the 09 models. Didn't notice that when I bought it, good eye.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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