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I am surprised that there isn't a thread about Fontana Nissan in the Good/Bad Dealership section.. but then again, it seems they have solidified their reputation on CF.

Wanted to share the experience I had at Fontana. I was a bit surprised that there were old Performance and West Covina guys there... those guys seem to get around like VD, hehe.

Danny tracked down my CC in silver; first choice Brick Red but none in all of Cali, WTF. Andrew drew up all the paperwork quick, picked up my truck and kept my wife and I company, Jason aka the 'Dealmaker' got it to me at the price I am happy with.

Overall I felt like I walked away with a great deal (incentives and cashback help alot) and enjoyed the time I was there.

Btw, the deal was capped off with 2 insulated Nissan coffee tumblers.. haha even had an invoice written up for it... best deal ever! :fantastic:

Can't wait for Big Bear and Mammoth!!

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let me know if you want some fronty company in Bear, ill cruise up. nice new truck man! welcome to the club
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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