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Fog light wiring connector

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I had my truck towed and discovered that in the process, the wiring leading
to the pax side fog light was ripped off. I would like to replace with same
connector (vs hacking it back with bullet connector) if possible. Does
anyone know the part number, model or name of this fitting... both male
and female connectors? Might this be some basic NAPA et al, part? thanks


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answer - gee that was difficult :)

the 2011 OE fog light uses H11 bulb. it's called an H11 connector. source for fe/male connector as needed
once i figured out what it was called, sourcing was easy: auto parts, walmart, amazon, ebay etc
if you can match the photo with the part as their design differs slightly (some have locking tabs,
gaskets, etc) even though they're still calling them H11. you want the one which is the
counterpart one you have to ensure fitment and weather resistance. of course, you can buy a
matching set from the get-go (both male and female) but I didn't want it to be a mismatch to
the other side of the truck so I hunted for a near exact match of this simple and inexpensive part
1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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