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Fog light and a reflash

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One of the service dudes mentioned that the body control module would need to be reprogrammed in order for the added fog lights to function. Does this sound right? I will be installing factory lights with the turn signal stalk like what others are doing.

Thanks in advance.
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That's what I suspected was the truth. Yet another service department not up to speed with their products. :?

Thanks....your truck looks good with the wheels and tires. Can you post a side view?
That's a good looking truck! Bet it's fun to drive with the low-profile tires.
05_NISMO_4X4 said:
He'd probably try to sell you some blinker fluid too if you bought the reprogram BS! :lol:
I'm always a little suspicious about dealer service departments. A little research goes a long way. :lol:
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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