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Flickering lights!

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I have an 02 Frontier crew cab, 3.3L which I bought a month or so ago. I have a problem that the headlights (& the interior dome when illuminated) flicker constantly and annoyingly when the engine is running. The battery appears fine - no starting problems - and the motor is running OK. Any thoughts on what could be the root cause? Alternator, Grounding, Voltage regulator (does the Frontier have a seperate voltage regulator or is it part of the alternator).

Appreciate any insight that anyone can bring to this problem!

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Most likely alternator. Had the EXACT problem on my miata. I checked all the grounds and what not, finally decided to remove the alternator and bring it in to have it checked at AutoZone. The diodes were bad. It was even putting out 14v so it was something that couldn't be diagnosed with the alternator in the vehicle. Switched it out with a reman and all was good.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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