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Flickering lights!

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I have an 02 Frontier crew cab, 3.3L which I bought a month or so ago. I have a problem that the headlights (& the interior dome when illuminated) flicker constantly and annoyingly when the engine is running. The battery appears fine - no starting problems - and the motor is running OK. Any thoughts on what could be the root cause? Alternator, Grounding, Voltage regulator (does the Frontier have a seperate voltage regulator or is it part of the alternator).

Appreciate any insight that anyone can bring to this problem!

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I'd clean and grease all your ground points. Start w/the battery terminals and main ground on the block. Look behind the air filter, on the wheel well. Search 'em out. They're all over the place.
There's a good, old fashioned, sure fire way of checking out an alternator while it's on the vehicle, but you gotta have your stuff together to do it. I always get flamed when I mention it because a lot of people around here have problems w/reading and comprehending the entire post. So I'll leave it for another day.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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