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With my last couple vehicles, I have found communities and forums like these before purchasing to get an idea of what other owners had to say about theirs. I'm glad there a forums and communities like these. I may never use my truck for the same purposes some of you do, but the information I've read here in the past week has been helpful nonetheless.

I just picked up a Radiant Silver 2010 Frontier SE Crew Cab earlier this afternoon. Not only is this my first Nissan, but also my first truck. My wife and I welcomed our first child 7 months ago, and quickly found that our SUV no longer had the cargo capacity we sometimes needed due to the back seats being completely dedicated to his carseat. I wanted a new vehicle and used this as the perfect excuse... I mean opportunity to get a truck. The crew cab lets us transport the little guy and now I have a truck bed for just about anything else.

I've only driven it back from the dealership (an hour away), but I already like it. The ride is much smoother than I am used to (well, except compared to my wife's RAV4) and it's probably the quietest vehicle I have ever driven. I don't think I'm going to do much to it as it already has what I need. I do want to add a Tonneau cover, preferably one the folds back like the one my Dad has on his Sport Trac.

I guess thats enough of an introduction for now,

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