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Good evening fellow Nissan owner/operators. Though I'm not new to trucks, I am new to the Frontier. I've been on a quest to find a sturdy midsize truck that can take me into retirement. I believe I've found just what I needed in my used 2016 Frontier SV Crew cab. I just purchased this truck with only 7750 miles and am already pleased. I'm interested in any and all mpg, towing upgrades, as well as ease of use on long road trips and camping. My first updates will be tinted windows, window rain guards, heavy duty floor mats, and seat covers. I will need to mount my GPS that I will borrow as needed from my motorcycle, and upgrade the oh so insufficient radio as soon as possible. All suggestions are welcome, as I look forward to personalizing my ride.
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Welcome to the "Club" and the best advise is don't get hung up on the mpg of these trucks as the only way they return better gas mileage is to really baby them by driving slow...
Welcome, I too just purchased a 2016 SV with 6,700 miles. So far I like it. I knew I was going to suffer in the MPG compare to my old econobox. From my reading, you're not going to get a big increase in MPG

Tonneau cover will probably be my first addition to mine though, hopefully it can increase my HWY 1-2 mpg
Hard Bed Covers do not help your highway or interstate mpg as the extra energy required to make these speeds simply overwhelms the minor reduction in drag the cover offers. There have been several test that confirmed this, to which I'll state that I added a hard cover to keep out snow and keep my stuff dry the first week of ownership. My general mpg is 17.6 pure highway and interstate...
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