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First time Nissan truck owner here - '05 Frontier

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I'm a 25 yr old college grad with a degree in Graphic Design and Photography, and I am the head of marketing for a commercial real estate company in Oklahoma City, OK.

Apparently I'm growing up and becoming more practical. I recently sold my '97 Camaro Z28 and '03 Subaru WRX to purchase a new Frontier. I shopped, found, bought and paid for the truck entirely over the internet through Jackie Cooper Imports in Tulsa, OK. I would recommend them to anyone. Great experience with them!

2005 Fontier King Cab SE
4.0L V6
6 speed manual
Storm Grey w/ Graphite interior
power windows, locks, mirrors..blah blah

I took delivery of the truck 3 days ago, and haven't looked back. I absolutely dig the new Frontier! The only photo I have is the one from the online ad from the dealership.

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Welcome to the board from a fellow Oklahoman. Nice looking truck. I just pur-
chased a 2005 Frontier LE KC 4X2. For me purchasing a Frontier is not so practi-
cal. I can't quit adding extras to my truck. It is some kind of addiction I think and
there probably is not a cure for it.

Which dealer did you go through? I went through Fenton as they are closer to
my home in Bethany. This is my 8th Datsun/Nissan and I have always used North-
west Datsun which became Automax Nissan which became Fenton Nissan.

They still have 2 of the mechanics that were there when I purchased my first
Datsun, a 1975 280Z.

You will love your truck.

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