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Hey, ill keep this simple and short,
I own two nissan pickups,
98 Frontier Ext cab-287k original engine and tranny for now
5 spd
Not currently running due to my neglect to replace head gasket whenever it started leaking from exhaust port to coolant port. Put some $35 head gasket seal in it at 250k and ran it like i had stole it cause i was working on the road and out of state. But it finally crapped out on me when a heater hose blew up one day and i never knew because it was full of water and not antifreeze. Now the head is pulled off and theres a massive valley washed out between the two ports on the top of my engine block.....havent had the time or money or patients to do anything but try and find a cheap DE to buy out of a wrecked truck.

ALso i have a 95 Hardbody Ext cab 188k not sure of history on the replacement of engines or tranny but i did just replace the radiator, fan clutch, thermostat, and water pump.
Its an automatic sadly, and a SOHC engine, but itll do for the time being.

Thanks for the future help and knowledge in the coming months. Any others in the East Tx area with a DE motor or expertise feel free to message me, always down to talk motors with a fellow nissan fanatic.
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