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Hey guys, been lurking for awhile and could finally use some advice.

I've got some damage on the plastic front bumper of my 2014 SV, and was thinking of just cutting the thing off. Already have a lift and new offset wheels, and was thinking of making the slow shift to full prerunner.

Actually like what this user did while he was waiting for his bumper. It won't be until after June that I'll have time to work with a shop to craft an actual prerunner bumper, so I'd like a decent look in the mean time. My idea was to remount my current White Rhino bar higher up along the cut line, and then possibly angle my license plate downward from that to the metal lip.

What are y'alls opinions on this look?

Bit unorthodox for a first post.

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Welcome to CF! You won't get a whole lot of readership in this into area...repost elsewhere when you are cleared to do so.
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