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First Post, Looking to get a Frontier

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Hi all,

I'm getting ready to move out to Montana early November for a job and need a 4WD car with a tow hitch. From my research and test drives I've really liked the Nissan frontier 99-2004. Any tips, or things to look out for would be great. Or if anyone here is selling theirs let me know!

*Edit: I'm in the Richmond VA, and DC area!

I'm going to make a post in the wanted section soon. Price range around 5k but if it's a good deal I can wiggle. Also I'd be looking to get a shell for it so any advice on that front would help too.

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Just a suggestion .... I would talk to Club Frontier Andrewvk. He has an '07 for sale that he purchased and is flipping. If I were looking for a truck he would be someone that I would talk to and trust. See link to his sale post below
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