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I just got my new truck last week. It's slightly used, but you can only tell by the miles. Everything else is perfect!

I do side work as a carpenter, but mostly drive a lot of highway miles to the office to sit at a desk. I didn't know a lot about Nissans or Frontiers before this, but it was the right price at the right time and in the last 8 days have grown to love it.

The last several years, I have been rather snooty about the options in my cars and only wanted the fully-loaded models. But with this truck, I don't care about that stuff so much. I'm fine with cloth and manual seats and no sunroof or auto-headlights, etc, etc. The truck is fun to drive, it looks awesome even bone stock. I would like to eventually get a modest lift and some slightly larger tires and maybe some new rims and suspension but other than that it's fine as is.

Since I will be using it for commuting 1st and working 2nd, I am in the process of customizing the bed and trying to come up with the best/easiest/cheapest/removable/low-profile rack and track system for what I'll need. I am planning to get some L-Track and accessories along with a spray-in bedliner and bed extender since I didn't know at the time that the factory track system isn't something easily added after the fact. I have some good ideas on the track and I might try to fabricate my own toneau cover and lumber rack later.

I'm happy to be here and look forward to the future possibilities and any and all suggestions from some of the Fronty Veterans here.

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Welcome to Club Frontier! Lots of folks here that will provide plenty of ideas to help you spend money on your truck :)
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