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First Pickup & first Nissan, Glendale AZ

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Hello everyone,

I guess this has to be my first post according to the forum rules. I'm a die hard Toyota person at heart but I decided to give Nissan a shot. Just bought a 2000 Frontier XE Base w/KA24DE & Auto trans a week ago. Seems to be a good running pickup so far, there's a lot of little things I will do to help improve the truck.

I have to say that although I trust Nissan there's a few things about this setup that's a bit odd. Not sure why the engineers decided to use the type of circular air filter as if this truck had a carburetor. Why not use the same setup as the 240's since they use the KA24DE too? I attempted to change the PCV valve the other day, after spending a few minutes trying to find it. I thought the one on my 4runner was terrible...This one has got to be the worst placement design I have ever seen.

Not sure what the engineer was thinking about this one. :thatswck:

I'll try to get at it this weekend after an oil change since the filter has to come off for this.

So far so good though. I'm sure I'll be asking a lot of questions on here when I start working on it.

Any tips or tricks about this truck that you can recommend? Is there a lot of accessories available for the trucks...intake, exhaust, etc.?

Thanks for Looking...
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Welcome aboard the best site for everything Frontier related.
Welcome to the club!

I think the Nissan will grow on you - give it some time. You'll find things that are 10x better on a Nissan and on a Toyota. They are great trucks, well built.
Thanks Glacier08...

I'm already liking the truck, getting new tires and wheels today so it should ride better. I just have to maintain it better then the previous owner and it should be great after that. I'd much rather drive a Nissan and Toyota over most other trucks. They'll run forever.
Hi and welcome!
Hope the new truck serves you well and hope the previous owner took care of it properly. If they didn't it could sour your opinion against Nissan which wouldn't be fair. There are many on here who are Nissan die hard loyalists.

good luck with the new truck. welcome to cf
Yeah the truck is doing me good. The previous owner didn't do any work on it himself. he just took it to places for oil changes and minor fixes. In the one week I've had it it's been running better, I did a coolant flush, cleaned the throttle body and seafoamed the engine, put in an optima red top and added some extra ground straps/cables to the engine. I'll be doing the fuel filter, pcv valve, cap, rotor, wires and plugs and also a trans & diff flush & power steering flush soon. Then I'll add full synthetics.

My opinion of Nissan is high, no matter if the previous owner didn't maintain this truck. Nissan itself is good. I'd like to think one day i could get GT-R. I just meant some of the design and engineering choices were a little off in my opinion but I feel the same way about stuff on my 4Runner (It drives me crazy on my 4Runner that I have to remove the lower coolant hose to pull the alternator). That's just the way it goes. Unless we build a vehicle from scratch and the ground up to where everything is in our liking we'll have to settle for what we have

There's no doubt that this Nissan will take good care of me.
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