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First Nissan

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I have been a Toyota fan (still own 2) and was set on buying a new Tacoma 4x4. I thought it looked great, but then I drove one and was very disappointed with the quality of the ride. I thought the Frontier was a good looking truck but had never driven a Nissan in my life. Upon visiting the dealership I was very pleased with the truck and the ride was acceptable. There is no forgetting that it is a truck. I bought an 06 LE 4x4 King Cab and so far am more than pleased with this truck. I am looking forward to discussions with other owners about these trucks. Now about that gas mileage.....It takes a bit to feed 265 horses.
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Welcome, Poncho.

I have the same truck, only an '05. It's a great truck and soon we will be able to mod it some.

What color??
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