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Hi all... I just got my red brown 06 SE KC v6 auto with power pac. :) it has just over 300 miles so on it so far... sure is purdy too :wink: Im a truck driver, work nights... I live in Florence SC I have been looking around this site the past few mornings and have learned a lot from you guys but the best thing i have noticed is you all seem to be good folks and Im glad to be a part of the site :D
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BIG change of mind

I was going to get a I4 5 speed in red for the MPG... but they didnt have one at the Nissan store in my town... so I was going to let them get me one from another store nearby... I drove an I4 auto though and wanted a lil more power... so i drove one with the v6 6 speed and WOW loved the power there... but most of my driveing is in town... so I went with the v6 auto... so my idea of MPG went out the window :roll:
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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