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2020 PRO-4X, Icom IC-229H ham radio, 4K dashcam, Leer canopy
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Just got back from a long road trip from Central Washington to the southern Mojave Desert and back. For those of you not familiar with the geography of the west the route has 5,000+ mountain passes, long uphill climbs (Biggs Junction OR to Bend OR, Tehachapi Pass, Redding CA to Klamath Falls OR) and long stretches of flat 80mph freeway (Redding to Bakersfield CA).

I used my Garmin, the trip computer, OBDII data, and fill-up gallons to compare mileage and fuel consumption. Fueling up in Oregon yielded the worst actual to OBDII comparison. This is mainly because you can't legally dispense your own fuel so you're at the mercy of the attendant's mood when the handle clicks off. Some will squeeze it up to the next dollar but most won't. The odometer was surprisingly accurate. GPS to trip computer over the total trip was only 0.4% different (2,251miles GPS v 2,260 miles OBDII)

Going down to the Mojave I averaged 23.3mpg with a best of 25.1 and worst of 20.4. Good weather and no wind.

The return trip averaged 19.2mpg. I had a headwind for the first 700 miles that varied from 25 to 50mph. One segment saw 15mpg with the transmission repeatedly shifting from 9th gear to 7th gear to compensate for the wind.

The addition of the canopy didn't seem to impact mileage.

All in all I was pleased with the Frontier. Even better my wife found it comfortable. When I first suggested that we take the Frontier she gave me "the look". We went through many burned areas and a couple with active fires. The cabin air filter kept the campfire aroma bearable especially when on recirculation. There was enough room in the back seat for 3 grandkids and enough leg room so I didn't get the "are we there yet?" followed by a kick in the back.

The downsides:
1. Needs better headlights
2. A top tinted front window would be nice. Had to put the visors down too often.
3. Instrument illumination during the day could be better. With my Maui Jim's on it is a little difficult to see the info section.
4. The info section reset/scroll/dimmer stick is in a terrible location. First you hit the wiper stalk and set the wipers off. Second you have to take your eyes off the road to avoid doing the wiper whack. My 2015 Rogue had all info controls on the steering wheel.

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