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First Gen Instrument Lighting Modifiaction

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First Gen Instrument Lighting Modification

If anyone is interested, I did a LED conversion on my Instrument Cluster this weekend.

The entire write up is here: D22 Dash LED Mod

it ends up like this:

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how did you get it out of the dash?
It is actually better than the stock lights, which when the dimmer fails, stay full bright. That is really good for wearing out your eyes at night/early morning.

My dimmer failed a couple months ago, so when I went to red this weekend, it made it a lot better.
I can't test the dimmer, but these are plenty bright while being very easy on the eyes...


1. Remover the steering column cover (5 screws)
2. Remove The lower dash Trim (the one at your knees with the E-brake handle and the Fuse panel cover (2 screws)
3. Remove the Black trim around the gauge cluster (4 screws)
4. Remove the Gauge Cluster (4 screws)
5. Unplug the Cluster connections (3 plugs on my model)


Exact opposite of above
so was it a pain to get out?
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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