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Hello everyone...

its 10.15PM here and I finally put the last bump stop in... took 3 weeks to lift it.
Here is what I went through to get the damn truck lifted 3" front and 2" rear:
1. PRG (2" spacers, cam bolts, bump stops, lift blocks) - $280
2. New lower control arms - $ 290
3. Nismo Bilstein coilovers+ rear shocks - $ 300
4. New sway bar links - $ 40
5. 2 cases of beer + set of HIDs for my mechanic - $ 140

TOTAL COST - $ 1050

Reason for new control arms: truck came with non adjustable cam bolts that were seized inside the lower coltrol arms. I have tried all kind of stuff to free them up (heat, cold, anti seize spray, rust spray, impact hammer, impact gun, sledge hammer). If you ever face with this problem save yourself the trouble and frustration and order new control arms...

I had to replace sway bay links because the rubber sleeves on them got damaged.

Here is rundown of work that was done:

Day 1 - replace front coilovers with spacers, replace rear shocks, add lift blocks
Day 2 - attempt to remove non adjustable camber bolts (6 hrs)
Day 3 - off to alignment shop, their attempt to replace camber bolts - no luck (4 hrs, no charge)
Day 4 - visit to mechanic and third attempt to replace the bolts
Day 5 - order new lower coltrol arms
Day 13 - lower control arms installation (4 hrs)
Day 14 - order sway bar links
Day 20 - install sway bar links
Day 21 - alignment and install missing bump stops

If anyone needs any help with this lift I am in North Jersey... feel free to ask...

Thank you all for prompt answers to all of my questions...


PS. While I was waiting for all the parts I got my Volant intake installed w/ throttle body spacer, Red Top Optima battery, painted my grille black and installed ez-down tailgate shock.

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