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Finally got some wheels

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Well after about a month of bugging board members with questions, I went to 4 Wheel Parts in Nashville and got some Pro Comp 6089 installed. Thought I would throw up a pic of the dirty truck with the new wheels. Excuse the poor pic.

Next on my to do list new tires and a whole slew of detail supplies.
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Very nice! Is the offset the same as the stock rims?
Very nice! Is the offset the same as the stock rims?
I believe they are 12mm offset. Not sure what stock is. The tires stick out a bit but it gives it a good look.

The guy at 4 Wheel Parts said Pro Comp was going to quit making those wheels. Not sure if he meant just the chrome or all in that mold.

I put some polish on them today. Truck needs a bath but 35 degrees is a bit cold for me to wash the truck.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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