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Finally got rid of the smart bin and got a tool box

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I decided it was finally time to spruce up my looks and demote the plastic "smart bin" to some other use. I searched around for a tool box that would fit nicely and found UWS had a nice one. 63" long total and the bin is 55". It is the TBS-63A-LP in black.

I found more options when looking at other manufacturers by using the 2005 and newer dodge dakota as the "what fits my truck."

The closest dealer with UWS boxes was in Lexington KY (1.5hrs) so I ordered it from and it got here in three days. Install took all of ten minutes - self stick pad under each end and drill two holes for the J bolts. I am going to replace the hex nuts with wing nuts so I can remove it easier and faster when needed. The warranty says specifically that it is voided if there is more than one hole drilled on each end (I had thought about using bolts through the top of the bed rails but... the J bolts hold real tight). Looks real nice, the black powdercoat is thick and shiny. The two handles are solid and linked to each other, and the lock is on the driver side. The lid is strong and doesn't flex any when pushing on it from one end. I like it!

Frontyfan helped in my decision process.. thanks!

Here are the before and after pix.


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Looks good.
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