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Any ideas on where I should start to check for a fix on this?
I recently had the P0448 code pop up. I removed the evap vent control valve and cleaned it out. It might be easier to get access to the valve if you remove the entire evap canister from the truck. Gently disconnect the hoses and wires connected to the canister. Then remove the one bolt holding the canister to the frame.

There are two electrical connections going into the canister. The connector towards the front of the truck is the vent control valve, I think. The connector towards the back of the truck is connected to somthing labeled "purge." To remove the valve, rotate it counter clockwise about 45 degrees until it clicks. Then you can wiggle it out towards you. Use compressed air to blow out all the dirt trapped in the valve. I used canned air since i dont have access to an air tank. Once it's free of dirt or what have you, the little "piston" inside should be free to move. It's held in place by a spring, but if you shake the vent control valve up and down, you should be able to hear the piston moving within the cylinder. You can also verify the valve is working by connecting it to a 12v power supply. You should see and hear the valve engage. (I didnt do this.)

Reinstall the valve into the canister and put everything back together. When you start the truck again, the P0448 should be gone.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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