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Finally got my truck

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Well after 84 days of waiting i finally picked up my 2010 red brick LE CC long bed. I had to order it as when i was looking back in november they could not locate one with the LE value package and moonroof. So far i am loving my new truck. The only thing i am not to happy with is the amount of orange peel in the paint on the doors. Other than that i love it. The rockford radio sounds pretty good so i am gonna take my time upgrading the speakers. Gonna put a new head unit it though, one with dvd and navigation. Still debating on what grille i wanna do. Thinking about painting the chrome front bumper red to match the body like the pro 4x. It is not the greatest pic i took it with my phone.
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nice truck let the mods begin and enjoy it !!!
So the new LEs do no longer come with color matched bumpers?
Hey that the best looking Frontier I have ever seen!!! :)

Mine has the beige leather seats and looks great with red brick I think.

Enjoy your new truck!
thats a great looking truck man, i'm jealous.
Nice looking truck, keeps us updated on future MODS.
Long bed ... droolz
So the new LEs do no longer come with color matched bumpers?
x2... I thought that was standard on LEs.
It's still a good looking truck though.
Congrats! The color is very nice.
I was happy to get rid of the color matched bumpers and get chrome on my 2010. We all see the same thing different ways.
As far as the paint is concerned, my 2008 did have a better overall finish but I'm not going to dwell on something I can't change.
Enjoy it and have no issues ever.
Did you buy an extended warranty? If so which one and what was the cost?

Nice looking truck. I bought a 2010 SE in the same color. I think the finish on mine is fantastic. Best thing about that color is the metal flake in the sun, enjoy!!
I am leaning towards eliminating all the chrome and going with color matched or all black. Like the door handles mirrors and bumpers then doing the lower valence in black and the grill in black. And maybe the rim. If i get real ambitious having the roof rack and the nerf bars powdercoated black too. I am leaning towards billet for the grill. I was first looking at a used 07 LE in navy blue and they wanted 21000 for it so we walked back to see what a comparable model would cost new and that is when we seen the brick red and i was sold on it. Next was trying to find one ha. All i wanted was the value package with beige leather. They ended up ordering floor mats the bed divider and the trailer hitch all things i was gonna add later for half the price. Anyway i ended up getting em free since i did not order them and we already negotiated a price. If the paint ends up driving me nuts i can always sand and polish the clear coat. Autobody is a hobby of mine. I did not get the extended warranty. The prices ranged from an extra 25 to 60 a month depending on what coverages i got. That was based off a 60 month loan. At .9 financing i am gonna extend that as long as i can. The only thing that kinda fried my arse was the lender fee of $1200. Isn't that what the interest is for? Other than that i am loving my new truck. Thanks everyone. more pics and mods to come.
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I think color matching the bumpers, handles and mirrors would be a great idea. I just like the look better, to me it's cleaner. One of the sponsors for the site has pretty good deals on extended warranties, I got mine from them rather than my local dealer and the difference was $375. You really don't have a reason to do it until you reach 3 yr / 36k anyway, so just save the money. I have never heard of lender fees...let alone $1200 for it.
extended warranty

When I got my truck last year I shopped for the extended warranty and got a quote from the sponser of this site and took it with me when I went to truck.

I showed the quote to the finance guy and he price matched it and beat the price by 100 bucks.

So it was include in my cost of my truck 100K gold plus.:)
need to lifted it.
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