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Finally bought a Frontier!

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Hey guys some of you have really helped me in the past few weeks answering my various questions about these trucks. Well my search is finally over! Last Monday I took delivery of a brand new 2010 Pro-4x with a manual transmission. It was located in Alabama but the dealership met me halfway (I live about 4 hours from the dealer) and we signed all the paperwork at a McDonalds in Tallahassee haha! It was quite a trip. This is the first brand new vehicle I've ever purchased and I plan on keeping it for at least 10 years.

I only have one problem. It's such a nice truck I can't take it off road!! In due time I will enjoy its offroad capabilities but for now I'm going to be keeping it least for a month or so! :)

Thanks again everyone. This forum is awesome!

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BeAuTiFuL .. slap some AT rubber on her it makes it look so much more agressive..

FFS... rear slideing window... I diddnt get that with my nismo :pout:
You got a CC, he got a KC, thats why
I have seen a crew cab with a rear sliding window. When I did see it though I didn't think of it coming from the factory like that. But I am sure that it was a crew cab.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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