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Final_Frontier2012 Billy Goat Build Thread
Join the ride as I document the build of this truck. Like a Billy Goat, the truck is going to end up climbing and crawling into a lot of places you wouldn't expect. I post pictures more regularly to Instagram, so check out the truck @Final_Frontier2012.

YEAR: 2012
MAKE: Nissan
MODEL: Frontier / Frontitan
TRIM: Pro4X Crew Cab
TRANS: 6-speed Manual
COLOR: Metallic Blue
INSTAGRAM: @Final_Frontier2012

Rubicon tested here: Running the Rubicon with a Nissan Frontier 2019

CURRENT SETUP / IN PROGRESS: Titan Swap Front Suspension and Diff w/ RC 6" DB



Bilstein 6112s: 2nd Gen Tundra, cut & welded to 23" length (in progress)
650 lb Eibach Springs
Frontier Top Hats
PRG Titan UCAs, custom powder coat
Titan Inner/Outer Tie Rods (PRG outer tie rod replaced due to contact at full droop after RC 6" Kit)
Mevotech Supreme Titan LCAs
Rough Country 6" Titan Drop Bracket Kit (in progress)
Titan Hubs & Brakes (in progress)
Custom 25" Modular Brake Lines (in progress)

Bilstein 5165 Remote Reservoir: 28.5" length, 11.5" shaft travel (in progress)
Frontier Springs + Deaver 2 leaf AAL
PRG 2" Shackles (in progress, replacing RC 1.5" Shackles)
PRG 2" Block (in progress)
Axle Shims (in progress)
Custom Shock Mount Skids

M205 3-Rib 2008 Titan Diff
4.10 Gears from Rugged Rocks
ARB Air Locker
Titan CV Axles
2016+ Transfer Case Front Flange/Seal (updated design)

M226 Frontier Axle
4.10 Gears from Rugged Rocks
Factory E-Locker
PRG Drive Shaft Extension (in progress)
Extended Diff Breather--routed behind tail light.

Custom Front Tube Bumber mounted to RockyMtnX Hidden Winch Mount
White Knuckle DOM Sliders
Hefty Fabworks Steel Skids (removed/in progress to work with RC 6" kit)
Hefty Fabworks Dual Swing rear Bumper
Shrockworks Rear Diff Cover
4WP Rear Diff Skid (in progress)

BFG KO2 All Terrains, 35x12.5r18 (in progress)
2018 Titan Wheels EZ40CFX10, 18"x8" et23 (in progress)

Badlands 9000 Winch, 65' Steel Cable
ARB H.O. Single Compressor
ARB Pump Up Kit
ARB Snatch Strap
Gear America Winch Accessory Kit (snatch block, tree straps, etc.)
Hi-Lift X-Treme 48" Jack
Crux Offroad Bridging Ladders
Fire Extinguisher--Cab Mounted

PRG Motor Mounts
BullyDog Tuner
Offroad Gorilla Hood Struts


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Wow that's a beast. A BillyGoat indeed.

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Badass rig right there, inspires me to start messing with mine although I'm trying to leave it stock due to other projects. So hard to do lol

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Big update! I finished up my Titan Swap drop bracket lift this week. I'm at about 7-8" front lift and 5-6" rear. Basically, it's a full Titan swap that uses 2004-2006 titan brakes and hubs. The bracket lift is a Titan Rough Country kit that I custom powder coated. I built a powdercoating oven in my garage specifically for this, but that's another story for another thread.

Initial impressions are very good. Steering feels fine, which I was worried about after some feedback about the Fabtech kit. The ride is much more controlled than with the 1st gen Tundra 5100s (better damping from the 2.5" 6112s). I need to correct my axle mounting, because right now the centering pins push the axle forward. The wheels are noticeably shifted forward in the wheel well, and I have some contact between the tire and fender in that area.



I could get more flex if the rear tire wasn't bottoming out on the fender.


Greg at PRG built me some custom 6112 coilovers (2.5" diameter). They started as 2nd gen Tundra shocks with 650 pound springs. Greg cut and shortened the shock stem, then rewelded the lower eye to get the appropriate 23" eye to top hat height. Here is a comparison from stock Pro4X to 1st gen Tundra 5100s to the new 2nd gen Tundra 6112s:

These shocks have more travel than you can actually use with a titan swap. I built custom bump stops to limit compression travel and prevent the UCA from punching through the inner fender. They use Wheeler Offroad's progressive "Super Bumps". Of course, I sprayed a multi-layer candy powder coat over them 😁.


I matched the front coilovers up with some Bilstein 5165s and custom cut new lower shock eyelets for them. They are 255/70 damping rate, 28.5" long with 11.5" of shaft travel. I'm temporarily using 2" shackles, Deaver dual AAL, and 2" blocks to get the rear up. It doesn't quite match the front, but I'll get some proper springs eventually.

The wheels 18"x8", 23mm offset 2017+ Titan variety. Tires are 35x12.5r18 BFG KO2s. I should have regeared to 4.56 initially. The 4.10s and manual trans on 35s feels similar to 3.69s and 33s. Not totally unbearable, but low speed crawling is going to suffer.

I'm really impressed with the road manners of the KO2s. They are notably quieter than my Duratracs. Here is a side by side comparison of the 285/75r16 Duratracs next to the KO2s. In this pic the Duratracs are on a 7" wide rim and the KO2s were on a 9" rim.

Here is a bonus pic of my powder coating setup. My envelope is something like 36"x20"x14". The drop bracket components just barely fit.

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Weird question but would you be able to measure the length of the RC knuckle? I have been wondering the knuckle length on this and the rancho 5 inch for some time know, curious what the difference is between this and my calmini knuckle. The stance you have is nice and wondering if I would gain much more lift/clearance than I already have.

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Weird question but would you be able to measure the length of the RC knuckle? I have been wondering the knuckle length on this and the rancho 5 inch for some time know, curious what the difference is between this and my calmini knuckle.
It's about 26". I'm not sure what the Rancho or Calmini knuckles measure, but I'd be interested to know if you find out.
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